Photo of Tian Guo

 Tian Guo

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609
Office: Fuller Labs 138


Modern mobile applications are increasingly relying on cloud data centers to provide both compute and storage capabilities. To guarantee performance for cloud customers, cloud platforms usually provide dynamic provisioning approaches to adjusting resources, in order to meet the demand of fluctuating workload. Modern mobile workload, however, exhibits three key distinct characteristics, i.e., new type of spatial fluctuation, shorter time scale of fluctuation, and more frequent fluctuation, that make current provisioning approaches less effective.

Intellectual Merit

The MOBILESCALE project proposes new research on resource management for mobile workload that differs significantly from traditional cloud workload. The project addresses two main research objectives of handling mobile workload fluctuations and optimizing cost and performance by: 1) leveraging application-specific optimization approaches, 2) acknowledging the cost anomalies of cloud transient servers, and 3) unifying resources from multiple cloud providers. The proposed work will involve the design and implementation of a mobile-aware resource management system, a set of mobile application benchmarks, and an extensive experimental evaluation of our mobile-aware provisioning algorithms using developed mobile apps.

Broader Impacts

The project will open doors for research on making modern cloud platforms more intelligent with tailored application-specific optimizations. The MOBILESCALE project can be used and integrated with current general-purpose resource management systems to reduce manual intervention from operators and to mask operational complexity. Broader impacts of the project will include graduate and undergraduate courses that incorporate research results, outreach to expose undergraduates, high school and K-12 students to research in computer systems, and the release of MOBILESCALE source code to the research community.

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This project is sponsored by NSF award CNS #1755659.