Migrate From S3 to GitHub Pages
Mar 22, 2020
ETA: 1min(s)

When I started my academic job search a few years back, Jekyll has already become a quick and easy way to put together a personal or research lab site. I also tried Jekyll but found that the output is often at the mercy of some open source themes; and I never got around to actually extend and work on the theme I like. And then I started my job and then...

I have been patching and using the quite basic Jekyll-style site until now. Reasons including hacks, workarounds and just simply out-of-time eventually lead to a static site that is relatively hard to maintain.

What is more frustrating to end up spending order of magnitude longer to update the website 😃 I'd like to shout out to my student Yiqin who wrote the pipeline which leads to the start of my site!