Virtual Reality Video Streaming

Immersive video streaming is a popular type of virtual reality applications. Smartphone-based head mounted display presents the end user 360 degree of freedom when watching such videos, through head movement. However, delivering this new type of video content to mobile devices entails high bandwidth consumption and huge power consumption. In this project, we explore techniques that optimize the streaming cost while maintaining good quality of experiences. This is a collaborative effort led by my collaborator Sheng Wei from Rutgers.


QuRate: Power-Efficient Mobile Immersive Video Streaming.

Nan Jiang, Yao Liu, Tian Guo, Wenyao Xu, Viswanathan Swaminathan, Lisong Xu, and Sheng Wei.

ACM Multimedia Systems Conference 2020 (MMSys'20), 🎉 🎉Best Paper, DASH-IF Excellence in DASH Award (3rd place) 🎉🎉

  title={QuRate: Power-Efficient Mobile Immersive Video Streaming},
  author={Nan Jiang and Yao Liu and Tian Guo and Wenyao Xu and Viswanathan Swaminathan and Lisong Xu and Sheng Wei},
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